Money in Your $hoe - Feat. Bobbalou

Money in Your $hoE - Feat. BobbaLou from Boo Slick Show on Vimeo.


"Stop Whistling."
"I'm gonna keep whistling."
"You know he's gonna come."
"No he ain't."
"Stop whistling."
"I'm gonna keep whistling."
"Ain't nobody scared of no 'Bobbalou."
"Man, he ain't gonna come."
"Here he comes!" (screaming!)

Put your money in your $hoe...
Here come B-Lou (x8)

Boo Slick
Listen, check it.
Put your money in your shoe.
Here come the 'Lou.
This is no sneak peek
No preview
It's the story, the myth
of the man who's the great
Hot on any block
Name known throughout the state

It's B-Lou
Read Street Stalker
Black Panther in the flesh
Street Stalker
King Abbot to the seeds
He's the father
All praises due respect
So to him we pay homage
In every hood the name's good
It's no mystery, spook
realism on wax got in the booth
All praises due to Grand Pu
X-Clan and the Wu
Poor Righteous Teachers teaching the truth
Clearance 13 resurrected N in the flesh
Bobby Lou on Mic's he got next.
This joint is dedicated to the youth and the vets
Posted on the blocks, cashing the checks

See outside on the blocks dropping gems on them
8th mob n' effin' eminem.
In front of the package store, need i say F'n More.
Watch the block come through, here comes the Lou.

Put your money in your $hoe...
Here come B-Lou (x8)
(Recognize, Recognize)
(We on the rise, on the rise)

Put your MF money in your shoe
Fn fn fn Bobbalou
Put your MF money in your shoe
This goes out to my N's
On the Slave Ships
For the 'Ville.

Boo Slick - Black Orpheus